Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Well, That’s it!!!        

Well, the fact that almost 5 months of 2014 is coming to its end is hard to absorb. Now as I sit and take this moment of isolation to really reflect on myself, this year I have done just the opposite of what I promised I would do. This year I made a resolution that I will fully immersed myself in studies and let myself taste the true fruit of hard work but what happened in the real world was just the wicked opposite. I spent 5 months at shercol doing nothing and feeling lost most of the time. I haven’t done my part well and that leaves me feeling dreadful. While I was doing exams also I was day dreaming about my vacation in Thimphu.Finally after much awaited moment, 20th June came and our long journey towards Thimphu started.
The never ending turnings

Today is 20thjune. i am here at Bumthang. Its cold compared to Sherubtse. The journey was nauseous and tiring with those never ending turnings and cold, windy mountains. Our journey through the passes was thrilling, shouting ‘lha gay lo!’upon reaching each passes without really knowing its significance. It just strike me how ignorant we are. We are satisfied with the answers we are provided but we never take the pain to ask questions.At that moment I promised that before graduating from Sherubtse I will make sure that I write about this passes and the story behind their names.

one of the pases..
 This time I started to notice things which I failed to do earlier. Whenever I traveled I was always singing or sleeping but this time I was in my full consciousness. I was fully aware about the scenery around me. I was looking zealously around for something that can endow me with some motivation. Nature had always been an inspiration for many writers. Nature can be full of surprises and my journey just proved that. I went through different stages of climates; form cold and windy to warm and sunny, form barren field to green mushy areas and Form hushed villages to hectic towns. The tress, the spring flowers and wild berries filling the ground and making it look like a well tended garden.The summer drizzle hitting the windows and leaving droplets on the glass. The sound of the rain is the Real music of nature. 
Out of all, The Namling waterfall was a masterpiece. It was majestic.These whole things made me feel like I was traveling for the first time. But the fact was that I have traveled through the same road since my child hood.It’s like opening my eyes for the first time.

21stJune. I am home .The clock is striking 10 and I am already in bed. It was good to feel the warmness of my room and the soft murmurs of my folks are soothing. I am fully exhausted and my bidy feels weary. My mother made shakam paa(my favorite) and that really made me feel at home. Everything was the same and it was like I never left. I  noticed that some things did change in my brothers. I observed that my youngest brother was taller than me and my younger brother has become skinnier and it just reminded e of the fact that they are growing up and they are no longer my chubby brothers. Other than that change even the stones were untouched.

Going to Thimphu town..its raining..
22th June was marked by a drizzle in the morning followed by a bright sunshine and then a cloudy atmosphere.i went to Thimphu town and except for the fact that BOB building no longer exist, all was the same. I roamed up and down without a purpose in my mind like most of the people there in the town. The day ended with me doing nothing useful which left me nothing to write in my journal.

Today its 23rdjune and unlike other day it is sunny.  There was nothing exciting happening and I didn’t have plans either on my agenda.i was just lofting around when Deki called and said that she is going back to phunetsholing the next day.So I went for a lunch at Deki’s. We had ema datshe for lunch and it was delicious but then again Deki always cook good.Evening, I helped my mother with some of the household chores and I was glad that I was able to do that.We are so busy growing up that we forget that they are getting older day by day.

24thjune I stayed home and did some cleaning. This house is a treasure for me. I spent my childhood here; each and every corner is full of memories . As child this house was my whole world.

25th of June was sunny and hot. The grasses around my house was bit longer, it has turned into a mini forest. So I took down the sickle and went out to do some grass cutting. It was fun to be out in the sun,to feel that warm radiant on our skin.I was quite contented with my work though I didn’t receive compliments.
cooking...helping my mother
On 26th My Grandma wanted me to take her to hospital. I was more than happy to be able to serve her. But I was driving after 4 months so I was afraid that I might be reckless.Nevertheless, I think I was good enough. It was thrilling and exciting. After coming back I made momo for dinner. After long time I did something new and useful. it was a day well spent.

Following days I had nothing to do and i was wasting my time. just then as luck would have it, my mother reminded me that being born in a kurtoep family is not a matter of joke, i have to weave so as to carry on the tradition. on the other side, weaving is not only for the tradition thing but it is also a way to be self reliant. So I started weaving. I like weaving though, it gives me a sense of independence and it really makes me feel like a grown-up. Had been weaving from class 8 and it is almost predictable for me how my vacations are going to be. I would like to thank my mother for drilling me to be an independent woman.


  1. Nice post Pema! Other than weaving, you can now write more blog posts :) Enjoy your holiday! ^^

  2. Here I discovered a good blog to stumble upon. I hope you wouldn't stop blogging as soon as you get into the real life, i.e. work. Wish you all the lucks that you walk this blogging world far afar, inspiring thousands others.

  3. thank you so much for the encouraging comments..it means alot to me..