Sunday, May 11, 2014


Till now, I had no idea of who I really was and what I wanted in life. But coming here, I found myself. I am Pema Tshomo, a broadcast journalist in making. I am just a ordinary girl bounded by responsibilities as a daughter, student, sister and most importantly I have responsibility as a human being. I am someone who has a bright hope that my future is in my hand and I have the full right to make it happen. I have a passion which is growing day by day and just the thought that my dreams are going to be fulfilled is amazing. . I am someone who is positive and like to believe that everything happens or good. i like to be optimist about everything. I am not someone whom others calls perfect but I am someone who may have flaws but I always try to learn from my shortcomings. .For now being myself is the most important thing for me. I am a girl with lots of aspirations. i know about myself but there is still lots to discover and change.

After coming to Sherubtse , a fire in me to discover and explore was ignited .i wanted to make my life worth living. I realized the importance of being the voice of change rather than the silent majority. I learnt that, ‘nobody is an island,’ and pain and suffering are the aspects of life that brings everyone together. More than individuality, I understood that it was team spirit and unity that counted the most. I inspire to do various things. I want to experience the true sense of life. . I know how it feels to fall and also know the courage it takes to get up again. I have seen failures in life but none have deterred me from my goal. i have learn to walk, cry,laugh, shout and run but i have never learn to stop.i want to keep moving no matter what. after walking for miles i am sure going to get to my destination. my dreams.

Sometimes I take time to ask myself what the hell I am doing here. whats my purpose? am i really where i am supposed to be? well, the answer is I am here at Sherubtse to create an identity for purpose is to create a place for myself in this competitive world. I feel like this stage is the life deciding moment for me. The kind of life I lead now will decide what kind of future I will have. I am here taking English and media studies in a hope that I will be able to feed my passion for writing and reading. Reading and writing is what I like the most.its my tool of expression. But what interest me is conversing with people and learning about them. People always fascinate me. May be that’s why I aspire to become a broadcast journalist. i am part of every person that i have met. in this course of life i have learnt that every person is special in their own way. everyone has a story to tell and i want to give voice to that story. sherubtse is a platform that will prepare me for that kind of future. after spending 9 months in sherubtse i feel that i am on the right track. the compass of my future is in the right direction. i see the title broadcast journalist shining so bright at the end of road. tempting me to come and get it and i am surly going to grab it.

i dont know what my destiny have stored in for me but i believe that we write our own destiny. likewise i want to write my destiny through determination,hard work and dedication.

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