Tuesday, June 3, 2014

                                                                                                                      A PAGE FROM MY DIARY

I now realize  that when your heart breaks, you gotta fight like hell to make sure  that you are alive; cause you are  and the pain you feel its always there to remaind you that there is something better out there, something worth fighting for.

I have hardships in life but never I was broken because I had my dreams which kept me going..even in the darkest day I could seee the warm sunshine . I rely on to it so much that the thought of losing it never occurred to me,untill the day came when everything I built crashed into pieces, life became impossible. I was a bird without wings for my wings have been my dreams..the day dreamer,enthusastic girl with hopes died a merciful death 6/19/2013and I never saw her again. Now before dreaming I have to think 1000 times and I have to make sure that there is atleast 50% chances of fulfilling it. Otherwise I cannot take the shock of losing my dreams all over again. I just cannot imagine anything which means more to me than my dreams. They are the hope in me, they are  the sunshine of my life, oxgygen of my lungs and the very reason for me to be a human being.

Time is running out and I don’t know what I really want; a part of me wishes to take the step ahead towards the new phase but a part of me still refuses to move on, it says that I am not yet ready. Struck between them I am lost. For the first time in my life I am moving away from my parents for so long, the time that I got to spend with them I always took it for granted and I never really appreciated it. The thought of going away never occurred to me. It was sort  of sudden. The mix feeling of anxiousness and sadness scares me. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever get a chance to be with them again, like always and the answer seems to scare me the most.…

Now I woke up with renowned fate in me, I am cheerful once again, I was beginning to live but it didn’t last because soon I realized that I a not where I thought I was..my parents weren’t there for me nor my lovely welcoming house..all I could see  was those tall yellow buildings of shercol…I was astounded, perplexed but I had got to find a way and so  I did with determination. Luckily I found my way and I am more than proud to announce that I had made a place renowned college. I do have an identity and I wish to keep it  to keep it alive because I want to live like I never did before…

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  1. A pretty good diary Tshomo.It says you are a very bold woman.
    May be I should say' it's splendiferous.