Monday, June 2, 2014

 My life was tough, I had to take decision that I never took before. Sometimes I was right but most of the time there was lapse. Coming to shercol was one of the right decisions that I took in life. Sherubtse gave birth to the girl who I am today. It gave me an identity. This year 2014, I contested for the post of FINA secretary. I got through. Thanks to the people who supported me. Well here is my manifesto that I prepared at midnight, at the eve of grand election.

I am here again standing before you all, behind this podium that has given this country many great leaders, who not only succeed in their lives but also left a great legacy behind. I am honored and humbled to stand here today. I am Pema Tshomo from English media and I am serving as FINA first year representative. Before coming to this college I thought the clock tower is the charm of Sherubtse but the fact still remains that it never moves and shows the same time everyday. but After coming here I realized that there is something more that makes Sherubtse special; FINA is far more captivating and fascinating. It is the true charm of Sherubtse. I had the privilege to serve as a FINA Rep for which I would like to thank you all for the opportunity and support. I cant say that I have all the knowledge and qualities that a leader is ought to have but I have gained experiences and I believe that with knowledge one can plan but with experience one can do it.

 King jigme singye wangchuck was a leader where as Gaddafi was a dictator. Its neither historical facts nor my interest to show difference of what a leader is. Yet to me its important because if it’s a work of tug of war, then I will be an individual who will not command to pull but will join humbly in pulling and completion of our work as one. I believe in oneness.
 Our college as of fall, will have more than 500 new faces, strangers basically. For a nation to be strong, the people must be united, we must be one. I am here to create an environment of connections, know each other as a family and grow as one. That is how I will define sherubtse. I have always believed that greater kinship shapes greater leadership. I cannot promise you this and that as I am not the supreme one with complete decision making power and with my flaws, I may not complete it. But with your support I am sure that my flaws will turn into challenge and individuality will change into reality.

We all have a will to change. That passion that drives us to be different. That power of voice is in each and every one of us. Give me that voice, that power to change and I will try my best to put it into action. Lets amplify that voice because if we act as one than even the mighty Milky Way bows to the lonely sun. My dear friends, if you have germinating power then I will work into nurturing it but of course, the choice is yours. Every individual says let the best win but I believe its not about winning. Rather its about our collective support towards the best time. Let the time starts.
We don’t know what destiny have stored in for us but I believe we write our own destiny. So lets write our destiny together.

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